From the recording MORE


Feels Like Saturday

You caught me down down on the ground
like I didn’t know you
A little slip I bit my lip
trying not to say
Crawling around and around
on the ragged edge of
your little trip like a rocket ship
you just sail away sail away

You called me out it didn’t count
and I couldn’t ask you
misunderstood I thought it should should have rained today
We almost drowned without a sound lovers we departed

it felt so good you knew it would
any other way other way

no I don’t mind if you put me back
where it all started
i’m not inclined to begin again
maybe I’m blind and I mixed you up
with some brokenhearted
Baby you know your lines

You pick me up a broken cup
like I might have hurt you
no heroine wearing thin
I think you’ll be ok
the roundabout I wanna shout
tell me how it started
I need a drink so much to think
its coming anyway anyway