Kingdom of Mustang

Wandering from planet to planet ...  silently through the strange desert haze of the 2020 pandemic ... reaching out through the ether to craft stories of dreams and remembering.  Tales From The Atomic Tambourine features 12 new songs from the Kingdom of Mustang crew, carefully crafted for your listening pleasure. 

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From Charlottesville, VA.

Kingdom of Mustang ... just released a new CD "Tales from the Atomic Tambourine," and it's just beautiful. Perfect is a word that comes to mind. If you like pop music ranging from The Beatles to The Raspberries to Big Star to Teenage Fanclub, you should check out this recording ”

— Charlie Pastorfield -- May 14, 2021

FEATURED TRACK [also check out "Music" in the menu above]

All I wanted was just to feel free

To sail over the big bright galaxies

But that didn’t last too long

You know that I never had enough soul

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