From the recording The World And All Within



Tattered smile, I’ve been chasing you so long.
Miles and miles, roads that rise and rivers flow.
When we go through the door in the wall
We’re never the same at all
Ah cause all that we’ve known dissolves
Til everything shines.
Sweet divide, I need you more than you will know.
We choose our path.
The door is surely closing now.
If we go through the door in the wall
We won’t be the same at all
Cause things crumble and crash and fall
Till everything shines.
Beggar’s clone. Barmaid, bitch, and queen in one.
Second to none.
No more no less.
In that black dress step through fly on!
We’re gone.
We’ve gone through the door in the wall.
Nothings the same at all,
Because all that we’ve known is gone,
And everything’s shines.