From the recording MORE



Found out on a Thursday morning
no alarm was the only warning
footsteps silent on the floor
silhouette outside the door

She said she was a broken angel
my part is the lonesome stranger
Queen Victoria in ashes
Better jump before she crashes

Anything nothing something one thing
When I think of you
Anyone no one someone one day
Trying to get through
Trying to get through

Eyes wide on a lonely weekend
out of time jump in the deep end
every minute is an ocean
but you’re just going through the motions

finding out that I’m still breathing
is my reward for your deceiving
how deep to wade in the water
will I drown or come out stronger

In the middle of a conversation
you and me and her and him
can’t figure out the combination
knocked down like a bowling pin

all your life in a tangled passion
it’s not this that I imagined
in the end all that matters
is who you’ve loved
and who you’ve shattered