From the recording MORE



Well you know we’re coming for you
Don’t try to hide cause we know everything you do
Believe we’re coming for you
A wave is rising and it’ll be crashing over you

Stand up on your feet you ratty boys
Stomp your boot heels to the beat
As we sing this song
All the unbelievers we will drive into the rivers and the seas
The charlatan deceivers we will drown them in the rivers and the seas

So be afraid. You’re running out of time
No where to go cause you’re surrounded on all sides
And each day we’re closer to you
The crowd is forming that will soon be smashing into you

Rise up on your feet
You bratty boys
Lean your shoulders to the street as we sing this song

Hey! We’re coming for you
Nowhere to hide cause we see everything you do
Too late. You’re all out of time
No place to run cause you’re surrounded on all sides