1. Satin Rag

From the recording Kingdom of Mustang



In the morning. People rising
See you on a rooftop looking down.

You’re a loser. Such a loser
Grabbing for that fast retreating ground
Never free. Just like me.

We’ve got it bad my satin rag

Going riding. You beside me.
The stations pass like faint lights in the rain.

Kind of funny- out of money,
So we sell that ring your mother gave you when.
What the hell. I won’t tell.

We’ve got it bad my satin rag

You and I we both tried so hard
To pull each other through.
Please take care. I’ll soon be there.
Climbing up to you.

When I hold you then I know you’re
The only thing that’s keeping me in this world.

For I’m a loser, such a loser,
Stuck up on this rooftop with you girl.
You and me. Never free.

We’ve got it bad my satin rag.