From the recording Kingdom of Mustang



Its always you and I. Its always you and me
Staring out the window at something you can’t see
I’ve got your old blue jeans. Oh the stories they can tell
Mean more to me than true. Like pearls inside a shell

So why’s it always seem
I’m living in a dream
With nothing left to do
The words they never change
The parts just rearrange
Its another song for you

I can hear you sing. Ain’t no long distance call
But the telephone don’t ring. I can’t hear you through this wall
Got nothing up my sleeve. No tricks to please the crowd
I’m walking after dark. No memories allowed

It’s not a sad song
I won’t be gone long
Give me a sign
And I won’t go away

Crying in my beer. Lost among the stars
I’m looking out for you. But I haven’t got too far
Sun shines in my face. Makes me warm inside
It’s such a lovely day to be here half alive